Health Benefits Bird Nest

Bird nest

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#1 Good for pregnant ladies

Bird’s nest is reputed to promote healthy growth to the fetus by stimulating cell growth, improving blood supply and strengthening the immune system. It is rich in glycoprotein and amino acids that are the building blocks of cells. The richness of collagen also helps to relieve stretch marks during pregnancy and allows the mother to recover her smooth complexion after giving birth. Tryptophan (a precursor of serotonin and melatonin) reduces fatigue, anxiety, and stress in mothers. It enhances the mother’s recuperation after birth and aids in growth for the child.

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#3 Help boost the body immune system

Bird’s Nest contains an abundant amount of 18 different amino acids, some of which cannot be manufactured by the human body and must be obtained through dietary sources. Bird’s Nest contains a significant amount of aspartic acid (4.69%) and proline (5.27%), which promote cell regeneration; cysteine and phenylalanine (4.50%) have been shown to enhance memory, increase nerve impulse conduction and absorption of vitamin D from sunlight; sialic acid and tyrosine (8.6%) speeds up recovery; glucosamine helps restore cartilage and bursae in the case of osteoarthritis… In particular, sialic acid and tyrosine are metabolized quickly during the removal of toxic substances and stimulates the growth of red blood cells.

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#4 Make Digestion Easier

Bird nest is a strong solution for indigestion. The nest contains several nutrients one of which is enzymes. Enzymes can easily act on food in the stomach to quicken the digestion process. Digestion releases the nutrients in food so the body can absorb and benefit from such nutrients.

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