MCO NO GYM Home Workout

During the lockdown, we couldn’t go out for a jog and the gyms weren’t accessible, this is the routine that I have been doing as Cardio throughout the 2 months of staying at home.

This following routine will not only get your heart rate up and burn calories, it will also help condition your muscles.

You might need a yoga mat and a towel. Be sure to breathe in and breathe out for each repetition, and and take sips of water in the 1-minute rest period to hydrate yourself.

*For those exercises that are too difficult for you, such up the push up, you may place your knees so that the weight of the push up is lowered.

*The pace of the exercises can be altered according to your stamina level, so feel free to slow down each repetition or speed up if you like.


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#1 Burn 500 calories in 35 minutes| Cardio & Conditioning

Here's the Video!

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Stay active & healthy! Do let me know what you think of the routine down in the comments section if you managed to complete it! #cardioandconditioning

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