BUNDLE ECOLITE 2x Apple Vinegar Honey + 1x ECOLITE Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar


Bird’s nest are absolutely safe to consume by babies, kids, teenagers, adults young and old, pregnant ladies, male and female. It is strongly recommended for those convalescing. The nutrients will speed up the recovery and healing process. Contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Apple Vinegar Honey

  • Maintain health, protect skin & body system
  • Help digesting system & prevent constipation problems
  • Prevent Mouth Problem (Halitosis)
  • Reduce body weight & burn fat effectively
  • Help to increase stamina
  • Help to prevent joint & muscle problem
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Help to prevent cold and flu
What is in the box? 

2 x Apple Vinegar Honey 500g

6 x Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar 70ml




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Product Description

  1. ECOLITE Apple Vinegar Honey

Apple Vinegar Honey is made of natural honey and the formula for making top grade vinegar is brewed through a special process. Vinegar is excellent for health. It will supplement you with rich vitamins, fruit acid and many more minerals. It will also provide you with energy.


  • Pure Honey (Golden)
  • Apple Vinegar


Can be consumed 2-3 times daily

Suggestion: 2 spoons Day & Night

  1. ECOLITE Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar

Bird’s nest has high nutritional value and is 100% natural. Bird’s nests are the nests of swallows built mostly during breeding seasons to raise their young ones. The nests are made up of the bird’s saliva which contains nutrients that are beneficial to humans.


Sugar, Collagen Peptide, Bird’s Nest, Water, Containing Permitted Stabilizer (E401 and E415) as food conditioners

It contains no preservative artificial colour and flavour.


Can be taken directly from the bottle, warmed or added with warm water.




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