What is Vermicompost/ Worm Castings?

Farmer showing Red worms in his hands.

Vermicomposting (vermi-compost), or worm composting, is the biological breakdown of organic wastes through microorganisms and various species of worm, usually Red worm/ Red wigglers or earthworms (Nightcrawlers). 

Organic waste, such as fruit peels, vegetable scrap and even non-organic waste such as used papers, are consumed by worms to be processed in their body to be excreted as worm casting.

Worm casting also know as black gold is rich in nutrients that help in plant growth and inhibits harmful microbes in the soil. It contains a highly active biological mixture of bacteria, enzymes, remnants of plant matter important nutritions for plant growth.

Below are some of the most common question asked.

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#2 What to feed the worms?

Most kitchen waste or table scraps, any vegetables, grapefruits, orange rinds, apple peels, lettuce and cabbage, celery ends, spoiled food from the refrigerator, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells are all suitable worm meals. (Remember, no meat or dairy products belong in a worm bin.)
Don't use meat or milk products in the worm bin. Mice and rats could be attracted to the odors!

Also, non-biodegradable materials don't belong in a worm box.

Cat litter should not be used, either. The odor of cat urine is intolerable to worms, plus the ammonia in the urine could kill the worms! Cats can carry the disease Taxoplasma gondii. This can transfer to humans. For example, a pregnant woman could inhale some of the protozoan and pass the disease on to her fetus, causing birth defects.

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#4 List of Don'ts

1) Don't expose to sunlight (heat) and rain

2) Don't over feed

3) Don't feed acidic food and kitchen waste (cooked)

4) Don't over-spray water (too wet) / use tap water

5) Don't use dog or cat Poop. 

6) Don’t allow flies/fruit flies to lay eggs. Use the net to cover worm container.

7) Don’t keep near RED ANTS. Worms may die/be eaten.

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