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Why are cameras used in making movies so big in size?

Not all cinema cameras are necessarily big. They come in all different shapes and sizes. The main reason cinema cameras are larger compare with DSLR is that they come packed with many functions and features like built-in neutral density filters, XLR connectors for microphones input, volume controls for each audio channel, time code generator/reader, BNC/ HDMI connector and the camera processor. The camera gets even bigger after adding add-on camera accessories like LCD monitor, Lens, camera rigs, matte boxes, follow focus, wireless video transmitter to name a few. 

Part of the reason cinema cameras are larger is that this makes them more useable by add-on camera accessories. Naturally different cameras and different situations require different setups and in order to meet the production requirement. Most of the time camera operators will have their preferred rig setup for add-on camera accessories that they are comfortable using from shoots to shoot.

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